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We provide professional, effective and efficient services in the area of Project Financial Services, Banking, Project Management, Consulting and Training. We have a proven and consistent track record of successfully delivering specialized, comprehensive expert solutions.

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Project Financial Services

ImageThe business of lending is based on access to lenders, whether that access is through banks, hedge funds, other institutional lenders or private lenders. Tedras is part of a group of companies that formed an alliance to formulate business strategies to strengthen relationships with lenders.

Banking Services

ImageDue to the increased global market needs and increased need to control and track critical operations many of the banking business and IT leaders are realizing the need to upgrade or replace their old systems and processes with new technology solutions. The implementation of banking software is complex and critical in nature. The success of implementing a banking solution rides on several factors including the accurate alignment of the business systems, insuring that the banks business processes align with the workflows to do work efficiently and that the solution provides accurate reporting and processing for Central Banking requirements. To successfully accomplish this requires banking industry experts who have the knowledge and world experience both in the banking processes and systems processes that work together to make it a successful implementation for the needs of each bank. Our experts provide this solution.

Project Management Services

ImageIn today's highly competitive marketplace, companies and organizations expect project managers and executives to consistently deliver project success by meeting on time and on budget organizational demands. We believe that project management should be seen as a corporate asset that can be expected to contribute positively to a company’s bottom line expectations. Projects that successfully deliver what they promise become key business assets. Tedras Certified Project Managers (PMP’s) have the expertise to help you with all your project management needs. We combine best practices and industry standards with years of hands-on experience to effectively deliver the solutions you need.


ImageOur Certified Project Managers (PMP’s) provide expert training in the professional field of project management. Tedras enables its clients to enhance their professional skills as project experts and obtain the invaluable knowledge of how to effectively increase project success rates and build project management experiences, competencies and careers.