Be the best Project Manager you can. This exciting and innovative course delivers the foundational skills and techniques needed for project managers to be able to successfully manage stakeholder relationships at all levels for any size project. When you examine what actually ensures project success or causes project failure you discover the common element of expectations management and stakeholder management. After attending this specialized training you will gain insights into the key skills and techniques you need to build and manage winning project relationships.

You have the experience and the technical project management skills. Now add specialized management know-how to solve project conflicts and drive results. This custom course helps you to grow in your job as a project manager and meet the new demands of complex projects. Learn all of the key strategies and tools for effective problem solving and conflict management. This custom course is invaluable for those project managers who desire to sleep at night.

Project Origination is the process through which an opportunity becomes a project.  This process ensures that resources are being used for projects that are aligned with corporate objectives, have good cost-benefit ratios, and have a high probability of success.  This course will teach you the tools and techniques necessary to select and prioritize project opportunities as well as how to implement a process with which to bring them from conceptualization to initiation.

Get your project back on track despite cuts in resources, changes in prioritized or scope creep. This course is one of our most popular courses that helps project managers at all levels get a handle on and regain control of runaway projects. If you are plagued by cost overruns, delayed schedules and uncooperative stakeholders, then this course is for you.

Transform the way you manage your global projects. This course is designed to provide all of the answers that you are struggling with in your offshore and outsourced projects. It covers the key management areas of global schedules, cost, communications, procurement, global resource and teams. You will master the skills and techniques that go into being a top-notch global project manager. Achieve faster and more cost-effective implementation of mission-critical, cross-functional projects. This is a best-selling seminar for managers and team members of offshore and outsourced projects.

p>Project Management Methodologies provide repeatable processes that project managers can follow creating a higher rate of success. In this course you will learn how to develop processes, tools, techniques, templates, and checklists that will line up with corporate objectives and how to successfully implement your methodology.

The Project Management Office is becoming increasing popular due to the value that it can provide to organizations. In this course you will learn about the various functions and structures of a PMO, how to generate buy-in, how to plan your PMO, and how to implement your PMO. In this hands-on course you will actually begin the process of determining, planning, budgeting, designing and making the case for your PMO solution.