Conflict Management For Project Managers

You have the experience and the technical project management skills. Now add specialized management know-how to solve project conflicts and drive results. This custom course helps you to grow in your job as a project manager and meet the new demands of complex projects. Learn all of the key strategies and tools for effective problem solving and conflict management. This custom course is invaluable for those project managers who desire to sleep at night.

How would you handle these project conflict challenges?

  1. Roadblocks

    One of your key project team members is arguing with another key team member and it is causing project delays and scope creep. How will gain their trust, counter their resistance to each other and get the project back on track?

  2. Organizational Culture

    You are managing a major project in a functional organization. The line managers who have assigned you your project team has given them additional work on another project that is not a part of the original understanding and is causing distress on the project team and the project. The problem is quickly escalating and your project team is beginning to disappear. How do you regain control of your team before it is to late? How do you work within a culture that is not receptive to your projects goals and needs?

  3. Project Conflicts

    All of your stakeholders are arguing with each other and several of the stakeholders are influencing your project team by adding additional requirements, tasks, and enhancements that are not included in the original scope of work. When you attempt to address your stakeholders they are not receptive to what you have to say. How do you leverage your interpersonal skills to improve your working relationships and resolve project conflicts?

Discover how to deepen your self-awareness, empower your project team to resolve conflict, and integrate conflict resolution skills, tools, and techniques into your project management approach.

How You Will Benefit

  • Reduce project crisis and conflicts
  • Develop the leadership style that creates trust, sets a clear vision with all of your stakeholders and guides your entire team toward project success
  • Learn what real “conflict resolution” consist of and how to develop, implement and monitor a project conflict resolution strategy
  • Identify the characteristics of conflict before they arise and the most common project saboteurs
  • Become a more effective communicator and project leader
  • Understand the differences between project disagreement and project conflict
  • Practice and master skills for negotiating project conflict issues

What You Will Cover

  • Exploring the fundamental concepts of conflicts and projects
  • Examining your project management challenges
  • The model and strategy of effective project conflict resolution
  • Differentiating between mediating and facilitating
  • Examining the issues around power and authority in work conflicts
  • Myths or misconceptions about conflict
  • Types and sources of project conflicts
  • The REAL underpinnings of project conflict
  • Self-assessment
  • Listening for project understanding
  • Planning for responding instead of reacting
  • Identifying your project conflict resolution style
  • Handling different project conflict styles
  • Skill application practice: describing vs. evaluating
  • Indirect vs. direct project communication
  • Conflict Strategies – Avoiding, smoothing, competing, compromising, integrating
  • Diplomatic disagreement model
  • Resolve project team conflicts
  • Coping with resistance
  • Conflicts with managers
  • Strategies for Dialogue
  • Dialogue versus Debate
  • Prevent project conflicts from escalating
  • Manage project conflicts strategically

Who Should Attend

Project and program managers, directors, those seeking advanced project management skills, project team members…and operations managers faced with supporting troubled projects.