Project Management for Outsourced Projects

Transform the way you manage your global projects. This course is designed to provide all of the answers that you are struggling with in your offshore and outsourced projects. It covers the key management areas of global schedules, cost, communications, procurement, global resource and teams. You will master the skills and techniques that go into being a top-notch global project manager. Achieve faster and more cost-effective implementation of mission-critical, cross-functional projects. This is a best-selling seminar for managers and team members of offshore and outsourced projects.

A large majority of the work associated with outsourcing arrangements are project based. Standard project management techniques often require modifications due to the addition of the outsourcing organization.

These changes may include:

  • Tighter control over project deliverables
  • Formal budget/schedule variance analysis
  • Well documented Customer/Vendor roles and responsibilities
  • Change control process that quantifies impact on time and cost.

Discover how to decrease your project risk, empower your project team to deliver on time and on budget, and integrate project management skills, tools, and techniques into your offshore outsourcing approach.

How You Will Benefit

  • How to maximize your outsourcing relationship
  • Using communication to increase efficiency
  • Overcoming key cultural barriers
  • Effectively use project management to create success

What You Will Cover

  • Outsourcing Best Practices
  • Global Project Management
  • Understanding Cultural Boundaries
  • Developing you offshore Project Management Plan
  • Examining your project management challenges
  • Communication planning
  • Risk Management Planning for Outsourcing
  • Resource Management
  • Developing a strategic offshore outsourcing plan
  • Establishing and managing domestic anchor teams
  • Travel management
  • Stakeholder management tools and techniques
  • Conflict management tools and techniques
  • Financial management planning
  • Earned Value Planning
  • Contingency planning

Who Should Attend

Project managers, program managers and directors who are responsible for implementing and managing offshore and outsourced projects, those seeking advanced project management skills, global project management skills, project team members, and operations managers faced with supporting global projects.