Stakeholder Management for Project Managers

Be the best Project Manager you can. This exciting and innovative course delivers the foundational skills and techniques needed for project managers to be able to successfully manage stakeholder relationships at all levels for any size project. When you examine what actually ensures project success or causes project failure you discover the common element of expectations management and stakeholder management. After attending this specialized training you will gain insights into the key skills and techniques you need to build and manage winning project relationships.

Test Yourself

How good are your stakeholder management skills?

  1. 1. You feel strongly about something and you want to get your point across. So you:
    1. a. Intimidate unknowingly?
    2. b. Ignore your stakeholders viewpoint?
    3. c. Get their side of the issue and try to compromise?
  2. 2. There’s anger, frustration and destructive game playing in your project team and with your key stakeholders. Do you:
    1. a. Follow the instructions of your key stakeholders?
    2. b. Meet with everyone individually?
    3. c. Give everyone a pep talk and avoid the issues?
  3. 3. You are a project manager in a functional organization and your project team members are not performing up to expectation. Do you:
    1. a. Motivate them with honest constructive feedback
    2. b. Praise them to boost their self-esteem?
    3. c. Meet with their individual managers to discuss the issues?

In today’s Project Management environment you need practical tools and techniques to guarantee your success.

How You Will Benefit

  • Reduce project surprises Discover how to establish an environment that supports effective stakeholder management
  • Develop reactive and proactive strategies to soften impact of stakeholder risk
  • Identify key triggers to realistically assess the project environment
  • Identify the characteristics of conflict before they arise Determine stakeholder risk aversion levels
  • Learn how to get results without direct authority

What You Will Cover

  • Stakeholder Management as a discipline Defining the different types of stakeholders
  • Stakeholder influence on projects Stakeholder Analysis
  • Stakeholder Planning Stakeholder Management Plan
  • Stakeholder management dynamics
  • Stakeholder Problem Identification
  • Stakeholder Problem Solving Dispute and Resolution Tactics
  • Stakeholder Relationship Maintenance Stakeholder Risk Analysis
  • Building Stakeholder Trust Stakeholder Communication
  • Managing Stakeholder Expectations Stress Management
  • Direct and Indirect Authority How to use influence and persuasion

Who Should Attend

Project and program managers, directors; anyone who is trying to manage internal and external project relationships.