How to Overcome Troubled Projects

Get your project back on track despite cuts in resources, changes in prioritized or scope creep. This course is one of our most popular courses that helps project managers at all levels get a handle on and regain control of runaway projects. If you are plagued by cost overruns, delayed schedules and uncooperative stakeholders, then this course is for you.

Is your project under attack by cuts in resources, changes in priorities or scope creep? Do you find yourself taking over a project that is over budget, over schedule without any end in sight?

Get your project back on track despite these problems. Now you will be able to recognize, diagnose and turn around a troubled project and enable it to move ahead successfully.

In today’s Project Management environment you need practical tools and techniques to guarantee your success.

How You Will Benefit

  • Identify when a project is going off track
  • Learn how to properly diagnose a troubled project
  • Discover the proper questions to ask to get to the bottom line of the problem quickly
  • Learn how to turn a troubled project around
  • Learn how to use key conflict management techniques
  • Improve your project success rate
  • Reduce Cost

What You Will Cover

  • Why projects get into trouble
  • Assessing a troubled project
  • How to take over a troubled project
  • Negotiating techniques
  • Progressive Elaboration
  • How to audit a troubled project
  • Making sure that key project success indicators are implemented
  • Assessing Project Team objectives
  • Project stabilization planning
  • Implementing a risk management planning
  • Performing a lessons learned before taking over a troubled project
  • Managing and level setting stakeholder expectations
  • Evaluating the status of the work plan
  • Creating and managing a change process
  • Modifying and implementing a revised project plan

Who Should Attend

Project and program managers, directors; anyone who is trying to manage internal and external project relationships.