Project Financial Services


The business of lending is based on access to lenders, whether that access is through banks, hedge funds, other institutional lenders or private lenders. Tedras Global Solutions is part of a group of companies that formed an alliance to formulate business strategies to strengthen relationships with lenders. Position of loans are done through evidencing the risk mitigation process of projects. This is where Tedras Global Solutions and its understanding of BANKING / FINANCE requirements can be of assistance to clients wanting to secure finance for their projects.

Accesses to loans can either be a direct process or through a promoter.

What is direct access

Direct access is when a project owner completes all relevant bank documents as the loan applicant. This means that the applicant will service the lender bank with all its project files. Typically banks have strict compliance and underwriting requirements and clients in most cases cannot measure up to service the needs of the banks. International lending banks will not engage a client by email, telephone or facsimile, the client must present in the bank in person when filing paperwork or applications for a loan.

What is a promoter

A promoter is company that maintain access to and in some cases may have pre-approved credit arrangements with a bank. International banks allow promoters to syndicate client projects under the pre-approved credit positions, subject to the project owner having the required collateral to off set risk exposure. Though the collateral of a client may be used to off set risk, the bank comfort is within the promoter company to sustain / enhance repayment capabilities of credit obligations.

To navigate through all the parts and systems that composite FINANCE, one needs to have a clear understanding of banking. Tedras & Partner Firms have created a system that removes that requirement from the project developer’s desk , and made available a systematic and cohesive approach to finance.

Available Options

  1. Tedras & Partner promoter loan program:  Most available loans arranged / held by / or owned in name of Tedras & its Partner firms are facilities that were pre-approved based on the group relationships with banks. Final loan terms are agreed when the lending bank is comfortable that collateral can be produced. Clients who aim to apply these credit arrangement for their own projects will be required to service the required collaterals.
  2. Direct loan access for clients: For those clients that require or demand direct credit accesses with banks available to Tedras & Partners, the engagement procedures will change subject to bank rules. Requirements in most cases will require that the Client / Loan Applicant make an appearance at the bank. Should Tedras be expected to assist the client in this regard then the client will agree to enter a full service contract with Tedras. Contracts require that clients pay required service fees upon signing of contracts. Tedras takes no responsibility for any failure to secure finance.

Project Finance Solutions

Tedras Global Solutions provides expert knowledge to clients in preparation, composition and most importantly placement of project files with the RIGHT LENDER. Most clients / project owners / borrowers seldom understand the intricacies of INTERNATIONAL LENDING. At best the applicants for international loans have never seen any type of official foreign bank commitment to fund and most cases when they receive such contracts they seldom comprehend the legal definitions contained therein.

Through the Global Access Network that is available to Tedras Global Solutions the guess work, application processes, and preparation towards funding of projects are eliminated. Tedras will work with the client and its team members to prepare all required fields of necessities.

The understanding process of project management, project implementation, and finally the company’s access to financial resources make Tedras Global Solutions a viable access point to take any project from an “idea” to a commercially viable business entity – THE PROJECT.